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Bulletproof: Fadeaway Vest Drop

Alright, alright gather round. It’s that time of the month again. *DJ Khaled Voice* New drop alert!

This came straight out of my teenage years. When I was in secondary school, 50 cent was my favourite. We listened to him on the way to, during and after school. Arguably his greatest album was his first one, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He dropped a few more afterwards and then he dropped a video game.

50 Cent: Bulletproof came out on PS2 and fucked shit up. Fif had his songs, him and G-unit as playable characters and his music videos as bonus content, all inside a PS2 game! I played that shit from start to finish about 12 times, at least. The bulletproof vest became his trademark, in music videos and at concerts. So when we went to see him for my 22nd birthday, I had on an airsoft tactical vest, for the culture.

That’s also why we find ourselves here today, with the latest PSLDN Tactical Vest drop. I’ve sewn a minimal embroidered patch on the chest so you can rep the set. But just in case that’s not enough, a ribbon’s been attached onto the front D-Ring and I’ve placed a graphic print across the lower back.

Why’s it called the Fadeaway? Thought you’d never ask. Ok so here’s the crux of it: the PSLDN branding on the orange ribbon is made to fade after the first wash. What should stay behind is the plain orange ribbon (which in case you’ve not noticed, is PSLDN’s colour of choice). I just liked the ephemeral aspect of it all. Don’t worry, everything else on the vest is permanent.

What I personally love about this vest is the ease of layering that it brings to my wardrobe. I can throw it under a trench coat or bomber but also over a jumper or a shirt or a t-shirt. You see that? Several looks from just one item, my guy. I like it. If you too would like this sort of layering power, cop the piece here.

That’s enough from me for now though. I’ll be back soon with more new stuff!

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