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Villains Rule: Red Baseball Cap Drop

This week I’ve decided to drop the follow up to the Black PSLDN Baseball Cap. The Red PSLDN Baseball Cap. “But, my guy, a simple change of colour doesn’t need a whole separate release. You’re just being mad extra, bro”, is what I imagine you might be thinking (with the extra serving of petty if you are, btw).

Here’s the thing, the change of colour is very much deserving of a separate drop on this occasion cos it adds a whole new dynamic to the product.

I have this thing that I do where I like what I like, not necessarily what I’m supposed to like. That or I find beauty/ appreciate things in places most people don’t. For example, some of my friends think I have terrible taste in women (also a bunch of haters, fight me).

Back to the Red Cap though. Have you seen the film Boyz N The Hood? If you haven’t, yous should stop reading right now and go watch it. Spoiler alert. Continue at your own risk after this point.

Ok, so the audience is made to love Ricky in Boyz N The Hood, he’s our little bro who’s doing so well and we can’t wait for him to fulfil his dreams and make it out. Then *BOOM* he catches two shells from a sawn-off through his back (at very long rage btw but that’s another rant). Everyone’s devastated and everything spirals downwards from there, right?

Well, not for me. I mean, I’m sad Ricky dies but his shooter’s aesthetics were on point, b. The red and black colour scheme was exceptional. He topped it off magnificently with the red starter cap.

That’s what stuck out to me. That’s what inspired the decision to make the Red PSLDN Baseball Cap. The villain, not the good guy, inspired me. Now you know a little bit about my thought process.

Check out the new cap here. I reckon it’d go pretty well with the blue flannel shirt too. Also, while you’re discovering things, listen to Ricky by The Game, which also samples and references the same movie.

Look out for the next PSLDN drop in the next few days.

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