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Cover Your Heads: Baseball Cap Drop

The product release party continues this week with a piece that we’ve all enjoyed for decades. The classic black baseball cap.

This was a no brainer for me. It’s iconic, it’s simple and very wearable. In fact I remember the very first baseball cap that I really coveted. It was from an older cousin who used to coach an all girls’ football team (that alone made him the coolest).

Anyway, he’d pick me up from mum’s to hang out over the weekend. This particular Saturday I hopped in the passenger seat of the Golf and he placed a black Nike cap on my head. I wore it for months on end. And when it was no longer wearable, I kept it like a collector’s item. Thus began my long relationship with black and navy baseball caps of all sorts.

Fast forward to today though, I’ve designed my own. I went for a clean and minimal look with an embroidered patch and, well, nothing else. The Tri-Glide buckle makes it adjustable to fit most heads.

As always, you can grab your own cap from the store right here. Or if you know someone who’d really like one, forward them the link or do one better, buy them one. I heard that’s what friends do or whatever.

I’ll be back soon with more drops and more stories. Come back for that. You can also subscribe to the VIP list and get notified when stuff happens. That’s an option too.

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