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Shooting With Omari

It was nice and sunny yesterday so I whatsapped Omari and set up an outdoor photoshoot for some of my new pieces. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s looking pretty good so far, “one must believe in one’s dopeness, prior to anyone else”- Ghandi*.

Usually I go for the longer process of assembling teams of models, artists and photographers for shoots. This time around I thought, “fuck it, I’ll in-house the whole thing”. It just felt like the right thing to do for this particular drop. Plus I feel like if I don’t flex my photography muscle every now and then I’ll lose it. Imagine me a non-multi-disciplinary creator. I rebuke it bro.

We pulled up to a little skatepark and got busy. The light was favourable, Omari was comfy in front of the lens and I only crashed into a lamp post once. Now, I’m no expert but those sound like the hallmarks of a successful photoshoot to me. Final results to follow shortly. In the meantime, I leave you with the photo above(no boot was harmed or positioned or touched in anyway during the making of this photo. Ta)

*I mean Ghandi probably didn’t say it like that (or said it at all tbh, that came from the dome) but the message is the most important thing though.

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