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So Alice and I were in Brixton with a camera the other day, capturing portraits for PSLDN Visual's The Chronicles. One of the best parts about this project for me is the conversations we have with some of the people we stop.

We walked up to a lady we wanted to photograph, she was with her daughter, iPhone in hand with this site on it and courage in our hearts (because talking to strangers is the hardest part). We gave her what I thought was a pretty solid 15 seconds elevator pitch (shout outs to all my B.A. Advertising tutors) and she goes "yeah but this is Brixton, you can't really be trusting people". Damn.

We almost walked away disappointed but then I remembered that we're not actually Brixtonites..erm, Brixtonians? Brixto? Long story short, we now have several shots of her in various poses with her daughter in front of the butchers. I love people. I love Brixton. 

All photo credits to Alice Ciocci. Follow her on Instagram here and check out her Behance here.


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